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How much time is devoted each day to your business’s finances? Wish it were simpler? With our array of business services, it can be.

From expanding payment options, to saving time when depositing business checks or paying employees and vendors, our business services give you back a precious commodity you can’t buy: time.

Merchant Card Services

In today’s marketplace, being able to accept as many forms of payment as possible is crucial to success. Our merchant card services offer a customized solution for accepting credit cards, debit cards and other forms of payment to grow your consumer base.

Remote Deposit Capture

How much time is spent each week driving to the bank to deposit checks? Get your days and weeks back by automating the process with remote deposit capture. This service allows you to electronically deposit business checks to your Cherokee State Bank accounts, even from multiple locations.

ACH Origination

Simplify payroll, vendor payments, and more with ACH origination from Cherokee State Bank. Set up direct deposit for prompt paychecks for employees and deliver payments to suppliers electronically so you never miss a payment or have to wait for a check to clear.

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